Who is this guy?

Henk Bakker

My name is Henk Bakker. Born in a little town in the east of the Netherlands. When I grew up I got this little camera from my parents for my birthday which looked a bit like a Kodak 500. I was instantly in love. Capturing almost everything that I could think of. When I started living on my own it was time for a new camera. First it was a Praktica and after the winding mechanism broke I bought my first Canon AE1. And I still own this camera till today. It even works.

When the digital photography era started I still did my shots in analogue ways. I just couldn’t let go of my trusty SLR. But then I bought the Canon 350D. I was sold instantly. The ease and possibilities were beyond my comprehension. I just shot and shot….. frame after frame, until I noticed that I reached the max of the camera. At that time I was doing a lot of band photography which was almost always in dark venues. So I swapped my camera for a Canon 50D. Even though this was a very good camera I just never really could work properly with it. It even brought me to a phase where I just didn’t shoot at all anymore. Then one summer I forgot my camera while packing for a holiday in the United Kingdom. And during my holidays taking pictures is all I do. And spend time with my family of course. So the moment I entered the UK I went and bought a Canon 6D. And this was the best thing I’ve done in times. This camera has my name written all over it. Boy do I love it.

Nowadays I love to shoot and edit the pictures. Gaining more and more experience.

If you ever want to know how I made my pictures, just send me a message. I love to share my tricks.